The First Release Of Senseless

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November 22, 2014 by kaiusemily

Hi everyone! As a lot of the true fans know, this site was set up as a fan site for all things zombie because of the book I am writing, and I am VERY excited to release to you the first chapter on Medium! Keep in mind it’s a very rough first draft, and it needs to be edited HEAPS, but I wanted you to all see how it’s going and what it’s like 🙂

If all of you want me to post more, feel free to donate through the donators page above (click on “The Book”) so I can continue writing and releasing it to everyone, chapter by chapter. I’ll try to anyway but the donations towards it would be awesome.. I could get someone to edit it so everyone only ever gets the polished finished work! There is a link to see the first chapter on the donators page, or you could just click here:

Feel free to let me know what you think below, but only constructive criticism please! Donators will also have exclusive access to rewards and other unreleased content (short stories, etc) Once again, thank you all for supporting my dream!

Oh, and one last awesome thing… We now have twitter! Follow NOTLD at @EmaLea_Davidson today for book updates and site updates!

Love and extra ammo,



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