Zombies in Your Neighbourhood

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November 21, 2014 by joshfarr

Hey survivors, sorry we’ve been inactive as of late, but don’t worry because we’re back! 🙂

Ever wondered what it would be like if your hometown was ground zero for the zombie virus? Of course you have.

Well wonder no longer readers! Created by WONDER-TONIC, Streetview Zombie Apocalypse utilizes a modified Google Maps Street View to show you sorta what it’d be like to be walking down the street only to find everyone except you is infected. The game itself can get quite challenging, even on Normal as all you can rely on to navigate is the arrow keys (or the on screen arrows) and the pictures that the ever elusive Google van has snapped of your suburb.

You start by typing in the address you wish to begin at, or ticking the box that says “Use current location”, selecting your difficulty, and hitting “Play”. You’re then dropped into the fray at your chosen location with hungry zombies roaming around searching for their next meal. So what to do next? Run! You’ll be able to track the approximate locations of the zombies via a map in the top right of your screen and how long you’ve survived for in the top center of the screen. This game relies on cunning, local knowledge and a little bit of luck as you have no weapons, just the long hard road in front of you.

Overall it’s a fun game to kill some time and would be even cooler if it was updated to run a little faster. Good fun for when you’re bored at work or school (but we didn’t tell you that)

The link to the game can be found here.

Until next time, seeya in the wasteland!



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