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November 16, 2014 by kaiusemily


Hello there survivors!

I know everyone is feeling terrible because tomorrow is MONDAY and that is the evil of all evils, so I found for you something you can order that wont break your wallet. Why? Because knowing this bad-ass awesome shirt is on it’s way to you will make the Monday evil less evil. You can blissfully day dream about it whilst your accidentally spilling coffee (which feels like molten lava) all over yourself. Because it’s Monday and that’s what people do. Now, onto the shirt (try not to spill molten lava on it). For one, the description on the site is awesome:

“You’re pretty safe with this one as long as the dude doesn’t argue that he’s not dead yet. And for the most part in this scenario, the only thing your dead guy is likely to say is “Braaaaains.” And with the Black Knight by your side, bellowing “None Shall PASS!” it’s all good. As long as you bring a mop and some duct tape to take care of the knight himself.”

Secondly, it is made of 100% cotton, which is super comfy and it comes with a picture of the Black Knight and a cart full of zombies on it. Written underneath is the line “Bring Out Your Undead”

But what makes this shirt completely fantastic? It frickin’ glows in the dark. Is that a yes or yes? You can thank me later.

Price: 19.99

You can get it here:



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